SSF logoGenomic Selection in Norway Spruce

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The main goal is to increase Norway spruce (Picea abies L. H. Karst) productivity through genomic selection of genetic material for better adaptation to climate change, higher resistance to diseases and higher productivity for economically important biological traits (wood quality, growth and new bio-products).
The main goal will be achieved by:

  • Discovering genes, alleles, and genetic bases associated with adaptive traits, resistance to Heterobasidion spp., economical traits (traditional wood traits and new bio-product traits).
  • Quantifying the size of genetic variation and genetic parameters for adaptive, disease resistance and economical traits.
  • Developing genomic selection (GS) tools and genomic based breeding strategy for rapid improvement of economical traits, indirect selection for disease resistance, adaptive traits, and new bio-products in Norway spruce.
  • Applying GS to Skogforsk’s national Norway spruce tree breeding program.