Within UPSC, we have a number of climate chambers available for controlled environment studies. These include 7 “walk-in” climate chambers on floor 2 and 8 “walk-in” climate chambers on floor 3, within the new high security growth facility. There are 2 Hereaus and 7 Percival smaller controlled environment cabinets located on floor 2 (3 for in vitro culture, 2 for high light treatment, and 2 for low temperature treatment), and 8 Percival cabinets on floor 3 (2 special CO2 controlled). The cold room on floor 2 is also available for growing and/or winter-hardening large (and small) plants. This is running 8/16 hours cycle.
umea plant growth facility These different controlled environment chambers and cabinets are available to all members within UPSC and can be set to a wide range of temperature and irradiance conditions to suit individual experimental requirements.

One 50% position has been set aside to provide basic services in this facility: such as record keeping, watering, fertilization and insect control. A steering committee oversees the operation of this facility and helps to ensure all UPSC groups get fair access

Steering committee
Rules and procedures
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This facility is designed specifically for the controlled growth of transgenic plants. As a result there are special procedures in place to stop the release of transgenic pollen and seed from this facility. Before you get access to this facility you MUST have a guided tour and MUST receive information about the rules and safety regulations from one of the Arabidopsis growth managers (Totte Niittylä , Wei Wang , Pieter Nibbering , Ruben Benstein and Bernadette Sztojka) who will subsequently inform one of the "GMO safety officers" at the two departments, currently Ove Nilsson (SLU) and Stefan Jansson (UmU) who will grant you access.

The controlled environment facility is for growth of experimental material ONLY. It is not to be used to grow Arabidopsis for transformation or to be used to grow transgenic plants for seed production. The Arabidopsis growth rooms on floor 3, 4 and the greenhouses on floor 5 are available for these purposes.

Handling of GMOs outside of the high security containment facility
We have been granted permission by Jordbruksverket to grow GMOs in the growth rooms and cabinets on floor 2, outside of the high security containment facility, but only if we abide by strict, and strictly enforced, rules. These rules are posted on the doors of all growth rooms and they are listed below: