Project 1: Evolutionarily-conserved essential single copy Arabidopsis genes
Project 2: Nitrogen and carbon metabolism interaction in cell wall development

Niittylä group is looking for a highly motivated MSc student to join our research on plant cell biology. You can choose between two projects: In the first project you will perform genetic and phenotypic analysis and cell biology experiments on a collection of Arabidopsis lines with mutations in evolutionarily conserved single copy genes. In the second project you will study the interaction of nitrogen/carbon metabolism in relation to cell wall biosynthesis using Arabidopsis mutants we recently identified. You will have the opportunity to be trained in state-of-the-art techniques in plant genetics, plant molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and microscopy, as well as scientific thinking and writing.

You can find more information about possible project or exam works (Master thesis) at the Umeå Plant Science Centre here:
It is also possible to do your Bachelor thesis at the Umeå Plant Science Centre. Please contact the leader of the group you would like to work with directly. You can find a list with all group leaders here:

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